Kailash Kher got angry in the program of Khelo India University Games video viral

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These days in Uttar Pradesh there is discussion about ‘Khelo India University Games’. PM Modi inaugurated it on 25 May. A big program was organized for this in Lucknow, where Bollywood star singer Kailash Kher was called. Where Kailash Kher lashed out at the organizers. Whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the video, Kailash can be heard saying, “You are showing smartness, first learn manners. Made us wait for an hour…”

What is the matter?

Actually Kailash was called to perform in this program. But he reached there late by an hour due to the traffic jam. So he lashed out at the organisers. Being stuck in the jam, he said that proper arrangements should have been made for this. Kailash said, “You are showing smartness, first learn manners. Made us wait for an hour, what is this Khelo India? If someone does not know how to work, if he wants to speak, he will say so much that everyone should leave.

Kher further said, “Khelo India is only when we are happy, when the family members are happy, then the outsiders will be happy.” Seeing Kailash in anger like this, all the people present there were stunned. However, after that he went on stage and performed with all his heart. Kailash said from the stage, “If you have invited me to perform, then the next one hour is completely mine. I worship my motherland India and its citizens. But the management should be proper, otherwise the program will keep getting disrupted.”

Thanks to PM

After this program Kailash Kher Twitter Thanked PM Modi through He wrote, “Thank you our PM Narendra Modi Zee to take the initiative of linking sports and music together, both the genres have been taken lightly in the country since ages.”

Let us tell you that ‘Khelo India University Games 2023’ is being described as the country’s biggest sports event. which from 25 may Uttar Pradesh Happening at BBD University in the capital of Lucknow. This historical event will last for 10 days, culminating on June 3 at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi.

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